Gnomes by Mari

Booth # 9

Each decorative gnome is individually handmade in my home studio. The main body of the gnome is cut from felt fabric, using patterns that I have designed. Then it is machine stitched, stuffed firmly with acrylic fiber and weighted with granular clay, allowing it to stand on its own. An oversized wooden nose and faux fur beard create the face. The gnome hats are made from previously used knits that have been chosen for their interesting patterns, colours and textures. These are pulled down to sit on their large noses. The hat and beard are hand stitched to the main body. No two are alike because of the colour combinations of felt/beard and the limiting number of hats from each knit. Available in 4 sizes: 6", 10", 15", 20" Price range: $14.00 to $55.00


Mari Kimsto

Fair November

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