Truly Baked Granola

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Truly Baked Granola was created and is produced by a holistic nutritionist in Erin Ontario, Wellington county. Our vegetarian/vegan friendly granola is roasted in small batches using only high quality natural ingredients. All products are free of wheat, dairy, refined sugar and preservatives. We sweeten with local maple syrup, honey, dates and/or fresh fruits. Our flavours include: Cinnamon Walnut with apple and date, Maple Chai with Pecans, Peanut Butter Banana with Chia and Almond, Chocolate Superseed with Buckwheat and Ginger, Grain free Goodness and Grain free Golden Zinger with Turmeric. Price range: $8-$16 each Grain free Goodness bars and Cocoa Booster Bars made with dates. Free of refined sugar, grains, wheat, dairy, preservatives. Price range: $3.50 each


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