Metallic Evolution

We start with flat sheets and straight bars of steel. We plasma-cut the parts to size, grind, weld, deburr, grind some more, maybe hammer, sandblast, heat and wirebrush before the shiny metal is sealed with a clear coat to finish (or left outdoors for the rust finish). for the stainless steel utensils and jewellery, we cut, bend and weld rod to form the handles, often adding our own knife and fork ends, then lot's of hand polishing. The stainless steel jewellery is made the same way. Wood and steel furniture pieces are made from trees we harvested ourselves, milled and dried the lumber in-house then completed the wood in our wood shop. And all this is done by Heather and John alone! Our work ranges from $10 rings and ornaments to $500 tables and wall sculpture, with $75 - $150 as an average retail price.


Heather & John Zondervan

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