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I have a strong belief in fullest possible use of the material used in my business. I make products from as much of the material as possible. Any wood that I cannot use helps to heat my shop. Shavings and wood chips are used as mulch in my gardens or are returned to the woodlot. Bowls, plates, platters, hollow forms, candleholders, oil lamps, bottlestoppers and other products are created using several wood lathes that I own. Unique pieces of wood that I do not wish to use as firewood are shaped and sanded with other shop equipment into oil lamps, candleholders, boxes, serving trays and cutting boards and slabs, or are cut to dimension on various saws and used with exotic woods for cutting boards. The cutting boards are laminated using waterproof glue and are then sanded and treated with linseed oil, a natural, food safe finish. The epoxy resin used in composite pieces is all approved for contact with food once cured. Product pricing is dependent on product, size, value of wood and other materials used, complexity of design and length of time for production. Thus, item costs vary from $15 for bottle stoppers and other small items to $600 or more for expensive foreign woods or complicated items. The majority of my products are valued under $100.


Errol Caldwell
Echo Bay

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