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My work can be summarised in the following categories: i) Writing Instruments: wooden-body ballpoint, fountain, and rollerball pens; wooden-body pencils. Woods are selected from domestic or exotic woods; historic wood (wood dated to be 5000); or wood with significance to a region (e.g. corduroy road found in Waterloo) or client (recycled hickory floor boards from a century home). General price range: $30 ~ $200 (HST included). ii) Writing instrument peripherals: these refer to wooden bodied pen cases, storage and display components, and stands. Current pen cases include plain wood cases or cases with Lichtenberg pattern (a.k.a. fractal burning or lightning pattern). For 2019 a new pen case design will be introduced made exclusively from tree branches. It is currently in prototyping. General price range: $40 ~ $80 (HST included). iii) Wooden Furniture and Home Decor: cabinetry, bookcases, vanities, blanket boxes, tables, centerpieces, upscaled clocks, recycled wood made into furniture. Home decor items include veneer "paintings" where a piece of veneer is framed and can be hung on the wall. General price range: $100 ~ $2000 (HST included). iv) Kitchenware: chef's knives and cutlery with wooden handles; cutting boards; salt, pepper, and coffee grinders; scoops, bowls, trays, and Lazy Susan's, wine drinker accessories. General price range: $70 ~ $200 (HST included). v) Games: wooden dominoes, yo-yo, spinning tops, kaleidoscopes, backgammon and chess boards. General price range: $70 ~ $200 (HST included).


Stefan Marinov

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