Red Hen Popcorn Co.

Organic, Canadian corn, simple ingredients, no artificial flavours or colours. That’s Red Hen Popcorn. Our mission is simple - create delicious popcorn with the simplest ingredients. That is why we use only organic, Canadian grown corn and season our popcorn with simple ingredients that can easily be pronounced! We believe that popcorn does not have to be coated in candy or dye to taste amazing; in fact, the flavour of the high quality corn should actually compliment the toppings.  We do not use any artificial flavours or colours.  

We are a small operation and we create all of our product in a rented commercial kitchen with our own commercial popcorn popping machines. We can pop approx. 700 bags per day. Our food grade bags are filled, then heat sealed to preserve freshness for up to two months. Once our bags are filled and sealed, we label them and box them for the upcoming event. We typically prepare our popcorn 1-2 weeks before the event to ensure maximum freshness of our product. Our prices are: $6.50/Bag $18.00 for 3 Bags.


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