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Inspired by the untouched and raw beauty of fossils, gemstones, crystals and natural materials, Opal Wing Jewellery came into being in 2004. Everything is personally designed and handmade. I make molds of found and foraged branches and buds for casting and I sculpt with them once in metal form. My pieces are more typically one of a kind. Some of the stones are also mined, collected and cut by my husband or myself. I hand craft each piece myself and set all the stones. Sterling Silver and Earrings from $35-$85 All earrings are created with sterling silver hooks and wire; hand forged using cast buds and branches as well as different gemstones. Many of the stones are hand cut and polished by the artist and her husband. Sterling Silver and Gold Sculpted Wire and Gemstones $65 and up These pieces are sculpted with wire wrapping techniques learnt in Mexico and from South American artists. These pieces are “cold forged” meaning that I do not solder any joints. They are aimed at framing the beauty of a natural stone or crystal. They are often accompanied with a silver chain, but can also be sold with a brown leather cord. Sterling Silver Pendants on Chains from $165 and up Most pendants are “Gemstone Centered” meaning that the design has been inspired through the color, texture, and spirit of the stone. All pendants are sold with silver chains. Each piece is accompanied by a little booklet made from handmade paper, including stone descriptions, and name of piece. Sterling Silver Rings from $150 with Gold Accents from $250 and up. Rings can be wide bands and narrow ones, most containing gemstones. Most are forged on the mandrel however I also do some wax carving and lost wax casting. I only cast a limited edition of each design to protect its exclusivity. Sterling Silver Bracelets from $185 and up Carefully crafted to be stunning and wearable, these bracelets are often wide cuffs, with designs chased in the metal, soldered on and cut out, they also include gemstone settings. They can be mixed with Brass, Copper, Silver and Gold. Bronze earrings, rings and pendants $45-$85 All cast from organic and natural materials such as branch and buds, these pieces are sculpted into wearable art.


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