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I have been a crafty girl my whole life. And over the years, I have come to realize that I’m not truly happy unless I’m creating something! Having struggled with sensitive, problem skin my whole life, it seemed that making my own natural soap was the next big adventure. I was hooked before I even made my first batch of charcoal soap! And once you use handmade soap, there’s no going back! I’m an Artisan Soap Maker for life - and hope to spread the joy with high quality, skin-loving bath & body products that excite the senses and that provide a pampering, luxurious, and enjoyable spa experience within the home! Our handmade soaps are made via the cold process method in my home and have been created with a variety of base oils and butters (mainly used: Olive, Coconut, Avocado, Sweet Almond, Shea Butter, etc - all of which are from sustainable sources whenever possible). Some of our soaps have natural fresh foods (honey, oatmeal, natural yogurt & whey, etc), botanical extracts (cucumber, chamomile, green tea, etc), or other additives (activated Bamboo Charcoal, Clays, Kelp, etc) incorporated within for additional skin benefits. I offer a variety of 100% all natural soaps (scented with Essential Oils only and coloured with natural clays or botanical powders only) as well as a variety of naturally based soaps (which have been scented with Fragrance Oils and coloured with Micas, Oxides or Pigments). All the base oils in our soaps are Vegan (no animal fats used) and we have a very large selection of soaps that are Vegan friendly (Coconut Milk has substitued for Buttermilk or Goat Milk). All of our soaps have undergone a 6 week cure period prior to packaging and sale. All other complimentary bath & body products sold are made from scratch as well in my home (no pre-made bases used)! Our Menthol Shower Steamers are made with Menthol Crystals and Essential Oils (Euclayptus Blend or Lavender is offered at this time). Once the water hits them, they will fizz & foam and release vapour from the Menthol and aroma from the Essential Oils - a true spa experience right in your shower! Price range for all products is $6.50 - 20.00. Soaps and bath bombs have special pricing options ideal for students (3 soaps for $20, 4 bath bombs for $20).


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